In Support of the Offer You Just Received!

Please find within this dashboard our clients financing options, the conditional loan approval letter, our appraisal gap strategy and supporting documents that helped our clients to feel confident in their offer on this beautiful home. Thank you for your consideration.
Steve Combs NMLS 381933


"Steve is the best lender I've work with to date. He was very detailed from initial offer to closing and always kept me up to speed as to where I was in the process. I'll will be recommending him to anyone in the market for a home."


"Steve Combs was great to work with! He’s very friendly, efficient and communicative throughout the entire process. He has helped me with the purchase of now 2 houses and would highly recommend him and Cornerstone Home Lending."

marcia beazley

"Steve Combs and his teams are best, if anyone looking to buy house first thing first, don’t hesitate to call Steve and get pre approval. I highly recommend"

rifz time