Mortgage Interest Rate Buy-Downs Explained

How to Win the Bid in a Competitive Market

In this video, I discuss the current state of the real estate market and provide tips and tools for navigating it successfully. I explain why competition is high and how to make your offer stand out. I also address the importance of understanding appraisal gaps and the role of pre-approval letters. Additionally, I share how our team can help eliminate stress and strengthen your home loan approval. If you're looking to buy a home, this video will provide valuable insights and guidance.Here is a link to a Sample Homebuyer Client Dashboard: is a link to a Sample Homebuyer's Advantage Offer Dashboard Sent to a Listing Agent:

In Support of the Offer You Just Received!

[SAMPLE] Please find within this dashboard our clients financing options, the conditional loan approval letter, our appraisal gap strategy and supporting documents that helped our clients to feel confident in their offer on this beautiful home. Thank you for your consideration. Regards, Steve Combs NMLS 381933

Home Loan Hack for 2024 – A Temporary Buydown Can Help You Save!

In this video, I explain a strategy we're using to navigate the current real estate market with higher price points and interest rates. I discuss the impact of these factors on home prices and rental rates, as well as the importance of considering the long-term benefits of homeownership. I also present different transaction scenarios, including conventional loans and temporary buy-down options, to help you understand how these strategies can make homeownership more affordable. By the end of the video, you'll have a clearer understanding of whether it makes sense to purchase a home now or wait for interest rates to potentially decrease.

Introduction to Your Home Loan Dashboard

Here is an example of a homebuyer client dashboard. Here you will find financing options, the conditional loan approval letter, our appraisal gap strategy if applicable and supporting documents that helped our clients to gain superior confidence in their home purchase planning. Contact Steve to request your own custom dashboard.

Feeling Trapped in Your Home by Your Low Interest Rate?

Many US Homeowners are feeling trapped in their existing homes by their low interest rates. They want to sell the home they’re in and move up to their dream home but higher interest rates and higher home prices create a major challenge. In this video, ‘The Listing Lender’ Steve Combs introduces a concept called a home purchase debt consolidation strategy. Thanks to home price appreciation over the last several years, this strategy is a solution for savvy homeowners looking to buy a bigger home in a higher interest rate market. NMLS 381933


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